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UST Petroleum Clean-Up Fund Reimbursement – Connecticut

On behalf of this customer, Berkshire has performed the following tasks:

  • Attend Fund Board Meeting Relative to a Request to Extend Reimbursement of Pre-Authorized Costs
  • Correspond With the CT DEEP Petroleum Clean-Up Fund Staff Relative to Eligibility of Costs Incurred
  • Prepare Pre-Authorized Cost and Supplemental Cost Applications
  • Correspond With the CT DEEP Relative to a Stipulation for Judgment and Consent Order at the Site

Berkshire has been retained by the owner of a retail gasoline station to conduct remedial activities for soil and groundwater remediation at the Site. Berkshire has also been retained to prepare and submit applications to the CT DEEP UST Petroleum Clean-up fund for reimbursement of eligible remediation costs.

Project Location: Connecticut
Project Status: Completed On Time & On Budget

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